The World’s Most Copied Cell Phone Brand Revealed

Phone makers have been plagued by the emergence of bogus designs based on their proprietary technology for years, but which brands have been the most affected by this?

Everybody knows that copycats are ripping off the designs of the world’s most popular phone makers to make some quick cash, but the extent of this scam will surprise many.

Counterfeit mobile phones manufacturers cost the mobile phone industry billions of dollars in lost sales every year. They imitate all facets of a branded phone’s appearance to make their products appear genuine and copy everything from the phone’s outer shell and screen to the printed logos and branding, making it difficult to identify whether a phone is fake or genuine. 

Phone makers have been powerless to do anything about this blatant copyright infringement, the biggest among them being the most affected.

So how many counterfeit phones are circulating the market and which phone makers have been hit the hardest by their fraudulent counterparts?

According to data by AnTuTu – a Chinese software benchmarking tool commonly used to benchmark phones and devices – 2.64% of results in its database were posted by a copycat device. 

The data has shown that Samsung is the most popular brand to clone, with more than 36% of replica devices pretending to be a Galaxy. 

The Galaxy S7 edge replicas alone account for 8% of the fakes, with the smaller S7 and Samsung’s flip phones also high on the list.

The second place on the bogus phone market is reserved for fake Apple phones which hold 7.72% of the ‘market share’, led by iPhone 7 Plus lookalikes which account for 2.67% of all Apple counterfeits.

Copycats have been messing with Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei as well, with the “Other” category represented by a huge market share of over 40%.

As one could expect, these fake phones are pretty close to the original in terms of appearance, but they are of low quality and can easily be spotted by someone with an eye for detail.

As AnTuTu reports, almost 60% of these phones have been fitted with quad-core processors and cheap screens to save on cost, with most devices getting a 720p or 1080p panel.

If you are on the market for a new phone, be sure to know the phone’s specific model number, available colors, features, what software and hardware come included and what warranty is offered with the product.

It’s the safest way to ensure you will not end up with a “bargain deal” that will leave you fuming.

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