The Top 10 Antivirus software for 2018

We all know that the most important and first thing you should do when you buy a new computer is install antivirus software. In this day of age, when almost everyone is using the internet for all sorts of stuff, hacker attacks are probably at their utmost high. They can get to you from almost anywhere; you might click on a virus link, you might get a phishing mail and so on and so forth. The most common hacker attack are a keylogger, waterhole attacks, fake WAP, Trojan, ClickJacking, phishing the list goes on and on. That is why you MUST have antivirus protection on your desktop or laptop computer and you have to go for the best there is.

Last year, hackers wreaked havoc on the internet, cyber-attacks, ransomware, you name it. Ransomware is actually the scariest thing that can happen to you. It’s basically extortion of the worst kind. The types and frequency of these threats only continue to grow, so proper protection is key.

This year, Microsoft, for example, is offering its users a free antivirus and protection for Trojans, spyware, phishing and so on. However, this is only the first line of defense. Extra protection is the way to go; meaning, don’t just rely on Windows’ Firewall.

According to the experts in the field, and there are plenty of those whose word you can rely on, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is the best free antivirus scanner in 2018.

It operates on Windows, Mac, Android and some of its key features include phishing protection, behavioral analysis and fast and automatic scanning.

The key opinion leaders say that it provides top-notch virus detection in a timely and fast manner.

On the downside, advanced users might find it limiting and might want to have a bit more control over its operation. Also, you cannot schedule scans. All in all, it has its good sides and its bad sides, but it does provide effective protection.

Second place goes to Avast Free Antivirus, which also operates on Windows, Mac, and Android. Some of its key features include Password Manager, Gaming mode, and Malware scanner.

Avast offers great virus protection and will not slow your computer’s performance; however, the annoying privacy settings and pop-up links that lead to paid-for components can be quite irritating.

For all the gamers out there, this version of Avast will mute popups and will reduce system load if you like games that might “suck the life” out of your computer’s processor.

Third place goes to Sophos Home. Same as number one and number two, Sophos Home runs on Windows and Mac, but not on Android because it is a PC protection software that can protect up to 10 PCs at a time. Amazing right? Experts have described is simple and easy to use business-grade security. However, it can also be the perfect choice for family networks of PCs.

Fourth place goes to Kaspersky Free which operates on Windows only and offers Anti-[phishing, email scanning and spyware protection among other things. It is described as user-friendly and reliable.

In fifth place, we have Avira Free Antivirus. Runs on Windows Mac Android AND iOS. On the upside it does not affect the system performance; on the downside – plenty of annoying popups.

Sixth place goes to AVG AntiVirus Free.  It runs on Windows Mac Android AND iOS, it is very easy to configure and provides virus detection, system optimization tools, and malware scanning, to name just a few.

Next, in number seven, is Panda Free Antivirus which only runs on Windows and provides entirely cloud-based scanning.

In the eighth place we have 360 Total Security which comes packed with a myriad of features, runs on Window and comes with both Bitdefender and Avira engines included. On the downside, most of the tools which are included are underpowered and its privacy policy has come under a bit of scrutiny. In other words, it might be questionable.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus has been ranked at number nine. With a Kaspersky licensed antivirus engine, ZoneAlarm has been criticized for the included sneaky attempt to install Yahoo software and being quite “noisy”. It only runs on Windows.

And last but not least, the tenth place goes to Adaware Antivirus Free, formerly known as Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +. It comes with a Bitdefender licensed engine, it only runs on Windows and is praised for its gaming mode option which basically kills notifications. On the downside, it does not provide any proper email protection nor proper virus or malware blocking.

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