Small, Compact, Sexy and So Much More – The New Samsung Galaxy S9 is here and we Love it

We’ve seen a myriad of products being launched from the giants in the smartphone industry over the past years and they came in different shapes and sizes, some offering plenty or too much, others offering just what you need.

However, we all know that we don’t always base our decision when buying a new cell phone on what we need. We want the product to be functional, to have a great operating system, to be able to fit our whole lives inside and last but not least, to be nice to look at. Let’s not kid ourselves; we are often won over by the looks.

Well, it’s pretty much safe to say that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus tick all these boxes.

Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 just this week and it does look great. Initial reviews say it’s quite the upgrade from the Galaxy S8 and it’s the perfect-size phone, no doubt about it. It’s not too big and it’s not too small and it fits perfectly in the grip of your hand.

Samsung S9 comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and the Samsung Experience 9.0 user interface. Of course, the S9 Plus has a bigger screen and a 6GB of RAM and a cool dual-camera system. The S9 has only 4GB of RAM, which is quite alright.

In comparison to the S8, the Galaxy S9 has improved biometrics and is on its way to becoming one of the best smartphones of 2018. With the Galaxy S9, you get longer battery life, AR emoji, dual speakers (a first for a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone) and, of course, water resistance.

What in God’s name is AR Emoji, you might ask? Well, with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 you can turn your selfies into an emoji, or an animated version of yourself. It’s quite interesting and fun to do, especially with the 18 different stickers that are created automatically to show a range of emotions.

The new revolutionary camera adapts just like the human eye with the ability to switch between a range of lighting conditions with great ease and it even allows you to record in slow motion, which is a pretty cool feature.

On the design aspect, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 has a sleek edge-to-edge display and looks amazing.

Thanks to the Dolby Atmos technology, Samsung’s new product comes with so-called “multidimensional sound”, giving you a “cinema like” experience.

As far as security goes, Samsung claims that the new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are one of the safest smartphones out there.

The new phone comes with a standard issue Samsung fast charger but you can buy the wireless charger to make your life a bit easier and not to mention the various accessories you can buy to “pimp it up” a bit – not that it needs it.

On the downside, if we can call it that knowing what we know about what is available out there, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the priciest smartphones available on the market and the larger Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is even more expensive. Some glitches might pop up along the way, but for now, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are one of the best options out there.

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