Google Launches Bill Protection Plan For Heavy Data Users

Google has announced that it plans to implement a “Bill Protection” service which will be designed to help heavy data users curb their spending.

Dubbed “Project Fi“, this bill protection service represents Google’s answer to the unlimited plans which are offered by rival carriers and the company’s latest attempt to revolutionize the way billing works.

The search engine giant, which had previously offered a rather simple model of paying for any amount of data you use, said the plan is designed in such a manner that it will put a lid on your monthly spending even if you surpass your data limit.

There’s a catch, though: the company will limit your speed once you breach your personal data threshold, which might not be such a bad thing if you think about it.

Namely, the amount you will need to pay will vary depending on the number of people you have signed up, but basically, you will still need to fork out the usual $10 per gigabyte for each of the first few gigabytes you spend each month.  

If you have signed up on a single-person plan, you will be pleased to know that your monthly spend will not surpass the $80 mark – even if you spend more than 6GB (you pay $20 flat fee for calls and texts).

With that said, Google’s unlimited plan is not truly unlimited. If you happen to spend more than 15GB, the company will begin to limit your speeds, but not before asking you to chose between continuing with slower speeds or paying for each gigabyte you use at the normal rate.

While limiting the speeds is not ideal by any means, Google’s Project Fi can certainly be seen as a good deal for those who tend to use a lot of data without increasing the prices if you do not use data. What you basically get is 8GBs virtually free of charge.

As mentioned above, the price and data cap in terms of GBs spent will vary depending on how many people you have signed up in your plan.

You might want to dig a little deeper into this and gather as much info as possible so you can avoid unpleasant “surprises” in the future. After all, once you have gathered all the info possible, you will be able to cope with any developments that might be “thrown” your way.

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