Facebook commits to train over 1 million Europeans in digital skills

Facebook has announced plans to implement a new program that entails training more than 1 million people and business owners in digital skills in Europe.

The new program was designed specifically to help European businesses to become more competitive and their workers better trained.

According to the official announcement, the social media giant plans to open three new community skills hubs that will be based in Spain, Poland, and Italy where the training will be conducted and completed no later than 2020.

 The company said that all training will be specifically tailored to each person in the program and it will also focus on assisting business owners to expand their digital footprint.

With the constantly growing fear that the inevitable digital revolution will most definitely leave people behind, Facebook’s program seems like a much-needed lifeline.

The European centers will also provide training in online safety as well, aside from media literacy and advance digital skills.

“They follow the successful model of Facebook’s Digitales Lernzentrum in Berlin, which opened last year in partnership with the ReDI School of Digital Integration and other organizations. The school works with refugees, the elderly, and other community groups in Germany to offer courses from basic coding classes to professional development classes,” it says in the official announcement.

“We’ll offer business owners more types of training to help them expand their digital footprint and find new customers around the corner and around the globe. This includes in-person training for 100,000 SMBs by 2020 and online training for 250,000 businesses.”

The company said that it will mainly focus on providing these training services to vulnerable groups of people, namely older people, refugees and especially people who have limited access to technology. The three new community hubs in Spain Italy and Poland will collaborate intensely with local organizations to achieve this.

Facebook also revealed that it will partner up with Freeformers – the renowned digital adoption and transformation partner – in order to provide training to 300,000 people in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Spain over the next two years. Let’s hope the companies manage to stay on track and achieve this first milestone within the set timeframe.

This is not the first time the social media giant has invested in such a program; it has actually invested over 1 billion dollars to support small businesses all around the world since 2011. Some honorable mentions include the Boost Your Business Program and Blueprint; the first is a program that is aimed at training small businesses on a global scale; the second is an online learning hub used by more than 1 million small businesses from all over the world.

The company has once again proven that it is committed to supporting vulnerable groups of people and providing support for small businesses. This is expected to generate a number of benefits for the communities as well. And let’s not forget, this is planned to be implemented on quite a large scale, so the effects should be quite impactful.

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