Best Free Software Students Can Use in 2018

Paying hefty university fees and buying expensive college textbooks means students can seldom afford to buy software to help them with their studies.

There are, however, free alternatives to most of the essential apps out there that can do the jobs just as well as their expensive counterparts without costing a dime.


LibreOffice is a very capable (and free) alternative to Microsoft Office and incorporates almost all of the same features as Excel and Word.   

It allows users to work on a broad array of file types, including Microsoft’s proprietary formats. A great substitute for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it also features collaboration tools which come in very handy for students participating in group projects.

Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker is time management software that is tailor-made for students with self-control issues.

Once plugged in, the software will block you out of your favorite time-wasting sites, allowing you to concentrate on more pressing matters, such as studying for exams.

It works with Chrome, Edge, and Opera, and is especially well suited for social media addicts.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

Like everyone else, students need a sound cyber protection to safeguard their work against ransomware.

Boasting an excellent detection rate, the BitDefender features solid anti-phishing and anti-fraud tools, as well as the ability to pick up zero-day threats which can result in potential damage to the computer or personal data. 

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Students put in a lot of hours into their college work and an accidental deletion of important and irreplaceable data could seriously undermine their efforts.

This is why each student should acquire backup software that will protect their work even if the PC drive fails, or the computer gets lost, stolen or broken.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free can be programmed to make an image of an entire drive or of files or folders of your own choosing. Once activated, it begins backing up the documents folder automatically, protecting the work from malicious attacks, accidental deletion and drive failure.


Students spend most of their time away from friends, so family and keeping in touch with their loved ones via phone can be quite expensive.

Skype may be the first app that springs to mind when it comes to video chat software, but Viber is quickly rising through the ranks as a favorite chat and messaging tool that allows users to keep in touch with those back home free of charge.

Featuring text chat, voice and video calls, this awesome mobile app is available for Windows, Android, Linux and macOS, which makes it easy for students to chat with friends and family on a vast array of devices.

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