Apple Confirms That It Finally Acquired Edge-Based AI Startup For $200M Price Range

If you’ll remember, Forbes, ranked at 44 on most promising AI companies in the United States list. The company was applauded for developing a standalone Artificial Intelligence chip that can run for years using a coin-size battery or solar power.

Now, the reported acquisition of Apple of suggests that that the A tool developed by the company might possibly appear on iPads and iPhones in the near future.

As reported by many Apple fan blogs, Apple acquires the edge-based AI startup for about $200 million, and they confirmed it through a standard statement. According to their statement, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

For those who are not familiar with, it is a three-year-old Seattle-based AI company specializing in low-power edge-based AI. All the technologies being developed by this company can run on devices, including drones, cameras, IoT devices, smartphones, and embedded low-power mobile CPUs.

Edge-based computing is designed to bring both the basic computing tasks and data storage out of the cloud and then back onto a particular device. Above all, this technology seeks to save bandwidth and improve response times.

With edge-based Artificial Intelligence, faster programs that use less data is possible. Data outside the cloud delivers a more secure system. Besides, also created the self-service platform to help many software developers to easily employ AI-centric code as well as data libraries into apps.

State-of-the-art Deep Learning Models by CEO Ali Farhadi said, “We make ‘AI everywhere’ a reality by enabling leading global brands to run state-of-the-art deep learning models on anything from a $2 battery piece of hardware to the cloud.”

In 2019, the company was nominated for an Artificial Intelligence award, and CEO Farhadi expressed, “we empower any developer to deploy countless AI models optimized for the edge with just a single line of code, a future where ‘AI for everyone’ is real.”

If you are not aware, the tagline of the AI company is “AI everywhere, for everyone.” interestingly, achieved this by employing image recognition and machine learning tools. These tools can use on-device instead of executing something from the cloud.

Edge Computing Capabilities for Apple

After acquiring, the AI company will then provide Apple with incredible, innovative edge computing capabilities, which are in line with company interest in preserving data privacy of Silicon Valley.

In fact, that issue brought to the fore by Apple CEO Tim Cook last year. In addition, the said issue focus on the request to gain access to the Justice Department to an iPhone utilized by a Saudi military trainee. The said trainee killed three people as well as wounded eighth other individuals during the attack on the Pensacola Naval Air Station’s ground in Florida.

Moreover, Apple will have a special appreciation to the AI company, especially that the tools of is capable of keeping any AI data completely secure on various mobile devices, instead of sending them to the cloud.

With the recent acquisition of Apple to the AI company, it simply suggests that the rising role of Seattle can be an excellent hotspot for Artificial Intelligence innovations. Not only that, but it will also open new opportunities for machine learning that are fostered by UW and A12’s incubator, and other home-grown heavyweights like Amazon and Microsoft. Then, it also indicates a growing nationwide trend for Artificial Intelligence along with its applications.

Apple might only have few words about the acquisition, but many people are anticipating changes from their products in the future.

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